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Sony Playstation Store Demo Kiosk

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14 thoughts on “Sony Playstation Store Demo Kiosk

  1. Damn i would love to have this. I mean really especially if i had Crash Bandicoot playing.

  2. Ahh okay i apologize for those slight confusions then

  3. You don't have a Kiosk PS3 unit?

  4. I will check it out. I sadly don't know what that is either. =(

  5. Oh okay, it's actually in my channel if you wanna see it in action 😉 um, by anychance do you also know how to use Kiosk's *Install Package Files option?

  6. No sorry haven't heard about that before =(

  7. Oh okay, um have you heard of a folder file named SHOPINSTALL by anychance? It's in a Data Disc that i've found at a local walmart before

  8. Hi. No sorry. Only this one =(

  9. Hi, do you happen to have any of the lastest Kiosk demos still on your PS3 demo system?

  10. Ok i will check it out thank you.

  11. placed it on e-bay if you are interested in it ?
    item number 390553584398
    i only re printed the one poster , i have listed it at cost price . do you remember the poster it was the launch promo poster, they withdrew it i think as it looks a bit creepy

  12. Do you have a picture? Sorry there is no clamps inside mine. It sits there by itself.

  13. hi, i have the original sony poster that goes at the back ( to cover the cd storage plate) i've had it scanned and re printed . would you be interested in one for you're kiosk?
    and do you have the clamp plates to hold ps1 down inside the kiosk?? can i borrow one and measure it/copy it then return it back to you?
    kind regards

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