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SNES Kiosk Review ! (Super Nintendo Store Display)

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7 thoughts on “SNES Kiosk Review ! (Super Nintendo Store Display)

  1. I'm surprised that these things are even still intact here and there considering most of them were trashed after the stores got tired of them. Lots of good memories playing this thing with Contra III and Super Mario World at my local Target and Wal-Mart when they first came out.

  2. i have one here that i dont use, very good condition. how much is this worth ?

  3. I sold this , recently , but I will keep the video up for people who wonder about these things .

  4. Where is the monitor?

  5. Like it! Best demopod ever!

  6. Awesome!!  Glad you were able to get one!  These displays are getting harder to find, especially in very good condition…. as they took a beating in the stores.

    A great addition to your game room!!  Thanks for sharing!!  🙂

  7. Great Video , and very cool that you have this. And Go Eagles!!!!!!!

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