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17 thoughts on “SMOKING A $6 HOOKAH FROM AMAZON!!! (Video Review) 🔴LINK INSIDE🔴

  1. wo hast du die schiech gekauft

  2. I work in a shisha lounge first of all he fucked the holes up second of all the water isn't at right level and third the coal isn't ready forth that smoke is nowhere near a large shisha smoke that's smoke is less than a shisha pen

  3. you can tell that this guy is high

  4. Lol, you was so happy to get a lot of smoke. I was happy too, lol

  5. i tried it.. is better than malboro

  6. nice one

  7. What do u smoke in them?

  8. very good dont burn your self enjoy this Arab origin hookah

  9. Can you also use normal coal

  10. That's a waste of weed he doesn't inhale

  11. manda uma para mim

  12. this motherfucker has a playstation, a wii, a laptop, and a 6 dollar hookah. Thug lyfe lmao what a fag.

  13. Do u have to put the tobacco in it

  14. aga jrfalor

  15. Light it up,Smoke it up

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