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Sinfonia CS2 Overview

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20 thoughts on “Sinfonia CS2 Overview

  1. Hi I have the same printer and it will not open fully. It is the not the paper as I have removed that already. It is as though the release catch is not releasing or something is snagging it at the rear. Any thoughts please?

  2. Hello, I can use the printer Sinfonia CS2 in Europe, where voltage is 220 V? Or I need a special adapter? Thank you!

  3. does anybody knows how to fix the hardware error on this printer?

  4. can u help me install the software to use with canon camera ?

  5. Hi, Is it possible to put other paper in the Sinfonia? I'll have a Photo Booth with a sinfonia cs2 but can't find any seller over here in Europe? Many thx!

  6. Can i Use Mac OS for Print?  where I found The Driver ?

    Pls  I Need help for my job

  7. The demonstration was simple and thorough. My only challenge is that I own a Mac computer. I want to also tether this to my camera. Do I have to go through my computer still for that?

  8. I really appreciate your comprehensive videos of all these dye-sub printers, it's so useful to see and hear the printers in use.

    This printer looks sort of like it might be stackable… but maybe not quite.  If another CS2 were stacked on top of this one would it still be possible to change media in both?

  9. Hi
    Can you show us how to load other sized media.  For ex: how do you load the 5×7 or 6×8 media (paper roll).  Thanks!

  10. Did you get an answer for this? Did you try unplug the machine, reload everything, and try again? Not sure why this is happening.

  11. 11 seconds for a 4×6. 16 seconds for a 5×7. A 4×6 print pack contains two rolls of paper, two ribbons and weighs approximately 10lbs as shipped. Visit our website of give us a call if you have any questions. Thanks!

  12. Which printer is the best for printing only 4×6 in mass amounts? Well say maybe around 300-500 prints per month. Would thermal be better/more cost effective? And I am def wanting the roll loader type of printer. Any suggestions? I am personally liking the DS40 dye sub printer, how does this differ from thermal and is it more cost effective without affecting quality? Haha sorry for all the questions but you guys seem like the ones to ask! Thanks for the vids!!!

  13. They are both durable printers with steel outer shells. The CS2 is more compact.

  14. So between this and the dnp rx1 – Is this more durable for a photobooth application?

  15. @jackies35 There is a link to the driver download page above in the video description. Please contact us if you still need assistance.

  16. Can someone please give the correct link for the Mac Driver of this printer. Kg pro photo is joke. He knows that the mac driver is needed.

  17. The CS2 was late to the market but is a great printer. The RX-1 is our best seller for photobooths but we believe the CS2 may gain some market share. Let us know what we can do for you.

  18. Thank you Sir! I was wondering what's the advantage of getting this printer over the RX-1 (who is gaining popularity with photobooths. Or the DS40 who is also out in the market… Does this bring the same power as the heavy Shinko(s) from the past… Is it missing anything or can it handle what the other shinko do?

    Thanks again… you are the best!

  19. In stock in our Dallas, Texas warehouse. Price online is what you would pay and free shipping.

  20. Thanks for the quick response. Could you tell me if this is in the market yet? I would like to purchase this within 3 weeks (tops). Thanks! Oh, I live in USA and would the price here be more expensive?

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