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shipping USPS Priority mail

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17 thoughts on “shipping USPS Priority mail

  1. Can you ship to mexico?

  2. How much is the shipping when I use the small flat rate box

  3. I like you. Have my like sir!

  4. you ruined a very useful video by preaching how to be corrupt.

  5. Thank You~! This helps a lot, and is very informational!

  6. so the price of the shipping box that's the price they're going to charge you for shipping, a one time fee. For example the small box

  7. I have a vintage electronic about the size of a VCR, I'm on the east cost I need to send it to the west cost, after the bubble wrap and all that to protect it, I won't fit not the medium flat , not even close, if I SE my own box it will cost like 30$+ its 16" long any idea how I should ship this? Ay info would help. Thank you

  8. I hate usps, i sent out a package through priority mail the woman at the post office mailed it for me its been a month and it hasn't reached the destination yet. This has happened twice im never using shitty ass usps again.

  9. You can't send liquid by air now, it can only be ground. IF you get caught, the FBI will be at your door, Trust and Believe me they will

  10. Can I ship liquid soap?

  11. if someone pays for free shipping how does that work ?

  12. great vid… i have a online store.. can i use the small box and obtain a tracking #? how does the print label work?

  13. Great video, thanks!

  14. Great video. I just printed my shipping label through usps click-n-ship online. On the printed label, it says signature required. Is it asking for my signature or somebody else signature? Thanks for any help you can provide me

  15. so those  small boxes would they fit say the average tshirt rolled up in it

  16. I want send a case of Dr.pepper to a friend of mine who lives overseas. Can I ship it or will they decline it because it's liquid? I'm new to shipping so someone please help.

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