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Setting up your own Internet Café Business

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11 thoughts on “Setting up your own Internet Café Business

  1. Well sir you deserves lots of subscribers!! >,<

  2. are internet cafes still a viable business? i havent been back to the philippines in 6 years. before i left, there were 5 cafes within walking distance from where i live. i would think that number would be doubled or tripled by now.

  3. what is your configuration, robot ?

  4. use AMD a6 6400k and gigabyte motherboard fm2+

  5. Sir,u r best

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  8. Sa pc express
    1.Increase expenses
    2. Decrease revenue
    In other words LUGI


  10. Nakuh sa pc express kayu bibili ng parts puro sirain item madaling masira maraming nag claim ng warranty jan ang tagal aabutin ka ng sakit ng ulo "lugi". Isang buwan bago makuha warranty lugi pag jan bumili. TALO sa pc express

  11. tnk you sir for the information…

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