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Setting up Retropie on a Raspberry Pi 3 for an Arcade Cabinet

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19 thoughts on “Setting up Retropie on a Raspberry Pi 3 for an Arcade Cabinet

  1. How is the input lag? A friend of mine built one of these and it suffers from a lot of lag via a SNES like controller and modern HDMI Samsung TV.

  2. Do I need Noobs to install Retropie?

  3. where did you buy it from ?

  4. Hola,
    New to your channel and love the videos..!! What format did ya set your USB flash drive to on your mac..?

  5. Man you help me a lot Greek

  6. Would a samsung evo+ 64gb sdxc card work in a raspberry pi 3?

  7. I have raspberry pi 3 and I can't dowen load Appel pi bake and I have old windows hp 5700 and how big of sd card do I need for retro pie n appel
    Pi bake n roms please help thank u ps I all reddy have win 32 disk imager n sd. Formater

  8. use an og xbox, can actually pick one up cheaper…and an x arcade stick is made for it

  9. most helpful video on this subject thank you

  10. Can you use it as a TV console?

  11. I'm a technophobe and this made it super-simple to understand. thanks so much!

  12. so do i store roms on the usb or micro sd card?

  13. can you add light gun? (like aimtrak)

  14. is there anyway that you can change the location of the games to the sd card itself? there are only 4 usb slots in there, might as well use all the slots for your controllers. by the way, what an informative video. 🙂

  15. good video, does the rasberry pi work with say a Mad Catz TES+ aracade stick?

  16. Where do i buy a Raspberry PI 3 fully built with case and emulators/lots of games

  17. Omg i have smb 1 on my pi

  18. how much memory do you need for the usb stick and for the microsd card

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