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Set up a Photo Booth in Minutes

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13 thoughts on “Set up a Photo Booth in Minutes

  1. Simple Booth is great! I recommend it with all my booths

  2. Which is preferable to set up a photobooth – an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 ?

  3. can this program use a dslr instead of tablet camera

  4. Will this app work with the happy printer

  5. Do you have any recommendations for what the fastest printer would be to use?

  6. Can we use a camera to attach to the ipad for better quality?

  7. are you able to print?

  8. Great work has helped cheers subscribed and liked it's a crazy YouTube world please sub back Merry Christmas cheers….

  9. where can get this app ?

  10. can you conect a dsrl camera?

  11. NICE VIDEO! Thanks a lot!

  12. What's the best iPad app to use for a diy photobooth?

  13. Does the app allow me to print. I see comments stating you have to purchase the $300 license

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