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Sega Dreamcast Store Retail Kiosk display quick overview

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19 thoughts on “Sega Dreamcast Store Retail Kiosk display quick overview

  1. Subbed! Great video! Can you check out my channel? Thanks! Keep makin videos!

  2. I just bought this kiosk but the tv does not work. I took the back off bit it seems difficult to remove the tv. Any suggestions?

  3. Hey let me know if you ever want to sale this or if anyone knows of one for sale please! It need not have a Dreamcast in it!
    Thanks for your time!

  4. its not a moniter just a basic CRT 13inch tv like what people would have in the kitchen. comes right out easy, just remove some screws. I got my tv at a pawn shop about 5 years ago for $20 since it came without the tv, it luckily fit snug. really hard to find a tube tv now as everything is flat and widescreen….even used. Only a few companies had 13inch flat tv's that weren't wide screen and those have a large border that would not fit anyway.

  5. any idea how to remove the monitor ?

  6. Turtles custom. Wow! 🙂

  7. u r funny

  8. The bubbles on you laptop distracted me oh yeah the dreamcast its awesome

  9. @osufootballfan2010 Same here. Most people have a Xbox in there dorm……..I have a Dreamcast.

  10. Hmmm, where do you live? I think I am going to come by and "borrow that".

  11. OMG! the greatest thing I have ever seen

  12. i have the same thing at my home

  13. That's cool man. I want to build a custom arcade box with my Dreamcast running inside since I have so many fighting games for the system. Haha we both have a stack of video game systems, I like collecting them.

  14. I'd like to see video reviews! especially if i can't find them elsewhere.

  15. Very Nice find! Its kool to actually see a sega dreamcast kiosk lol. I know a guy that has a Atari Jaguar kiosk which I want really bad lol. Thanks for posting this vid.

  16. Wow he said Funcoland! I feel hella old now dude!

  17. Sweet video, im from the U.K and I just managed to get my hands on a u.k version of the kiosk which is cool, gotta drive 400 miles to pick it up but man is it worth it, ill try and get a vid up so you can see our version if you havnt already, now all I have to do is finish my game collection.

  18. I wanna play my dreamcast now 🙁

  19. Nice one, Ive never seen the US kiosks before!

    The European kiosks/pods came in two sizes, one roughly about 6ft and another not much under 5ft which I have never seen on the web but managed to get on ebay – also without a TV and DC inside sadly

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