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See No Evil Hear No Evil (1989) Kiosk Scene

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15 thoughts on “See No Evil Hear No Evil (1989) Kiosk Scene

  1. Gene Wilder talks like Mister Rogers

  2. before steve harveys mistake he starred in this movie

  3. RIP Willy Wonka. RIP Jim.

  4. I feel like the meeting scene could have been a lot funnier.

  5. These two….RIP.

  6. Legend vs. Legend. They don't get funnier than these two.

  7. The hell with blind people, get the hell outta here!!

  8. These guys made the funniest movies together can't believe they didn't get along off set.

  9. LOL This is my bestie and I at the mo. I have temporary lost hearing in my left ear (eardrum about to burst apparently) and she is blind in her left eye and has crap vision in her right… As I said to her as long as we have each other, we'll be right. i wanna show her this movie but we'll need to turn it right up I'm thinkin LOL

  10. Weird how Pryor was really convincing as a blind person, waaaay better than that chick from the village, worst blind character I've ever seen, lol

  11. I love watching this again after you know he's deaf, makes it sound like all he's hearing some guy coming in talking about absolute crazy shit

  12. willy wonka would be proud

  13. When Gene Wilder passed away I was depressed for week or two. what a great loss. both where great, RIP

  14. well funny film

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