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Sear’s price scanner hack (With actual photos)

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14 thoughts on “Sear’s price scanner hack (With actual photos)

  1. You can just go to youtube (dot com)/html5 …That way you don't have to install anything.

  2. Dude ive been wishing for one of those since like 2008 lol, and as far as YouTube while shitting, pretty sweet! But since im not entirely sure about WinCE supporting flash id go with a flatpanel Kiosk wiht everything built in (Google IBM Anyplace Kiosk) ive seen those IBM kiosks at Barnes & Noble's before those would be PERFECT for toilet-side viewing of YouTube since they support WinXP!!! When I get a job next year (When I turn 16) im so gonna go eBay crazy…

  3. @KioskHacking
    i've always wanted to take a shit and watch youtube videos. hell id love to have one of those win XP ATM machines and then just fill it's HDD with mp3s and hook it to my 300 watt kenwood stereo and use it as an mp3 jukebox.

  4. On eBay I searched Symbol MK2000 and some went for $500 to $1000 each. Im going to go check now…

  5. Call me crazy but Id always wanted to put those in my bathroom and connect some good quality desktop speakers and mount them on the wall with the scanner next to the toilet paper so I can play music while sitting on the royal throne lmfao,, and maybe another one inside the cabinet next to the shower so I can shower and listen to music and the cabinet will protect from splashing…but these are expensive as hell (Continued)

  6. @KioskHacking
    I would only be doing that if I need to check the price of something and I found these hacked. the one at Sams was hacked and I was pokin around the desktop trying to find the scanner softwware. now ill just try this and hopefully it will restore it. but if I had one of these id modify it so its like a regular PC like turn off the autoloading of the scanner software and adding a close feature to it so you can close it to the desktop w/o rebooting.

  7. They have the software set to auto-load at startup so even if it was hacked and was displaying the desktop before, rebooting will ALWAYS resotre it back to normal..unless you modified the program files and deleted something after hacking it (Such as uninstalling it) other than that it should be normal. Make sure its an Symbol scanner like the ones seen in this vid! Good luck and watch out for nosy customers & "helpful" employees!

  8. what would happen if you held the middle 2 buttons on one of these to reboot it and then did nothing after it rebooted would it reboot to the default program then you can scan bar codes with it to find prices? i've seen a few of these machines hacked in Sam's club and I was thinking of doing that to restore the machines to fully operating status so customers can scan prices. not that I dont like seeing these machines hacked. I was on one at the time and you couldnt do much. shoulda tried youtube

  9. hahaha the bestbuy POS machines use wifi, thats not very safe even with encryption but it probably save them the trouble of running all that ethernet cable for each machine. is there a way to get their PW for the wifi or no? also how can you get WEP keys for wifi.

  10. Hmm wifi huh then ill bring My PSP there and try to get on their internet, ill hide in the dressing rooms and surf the net but chances are their wifi is encrypted. ive been to a bank with my friend on the way to his house and when he went in i got out my psp and tried to get on their wifi so I could surf.

  11. Oh btw its already connected to the store WiFi

  12. Yea youre right, CVS doesnt have internet but Sears does.

  13. I don't think they all have the internet on them.

  14. thats weird b/c they have flash for everything nowadays and most store internet lines are fast. id like to get one of these and hook it to my internet and then try ti update flash so i can watch youtube. maybe ill put a wifi thing on it so i dont have wires but then theres the power issue do these things plug into 110VAC or they got some type of PSU? its got an LCD touch screen.

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