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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player by SanDisk Unbox and Review

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18 thoughts on “SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player by SanDisk Unbox and Review

  1. o meu mp3 e igual a esse mais ele nao liga so fica com a cor azul nos butoes

  2. after few months of use with no problem mine suddenly says "connect device and recover corrupted FAT"…i've connected it to Macbook Air but it didn't recover…what now?

  3. Can I use my Bluetooth headset with is?

  4. do they sell this mp3 player anymore? i can't find it anywhere, all I can find is Ipod.

  5. Thank you Richard, I finally got it and I yes, it has a fm radio recorder but I started recording a two hour live program in the radio and it only recorded half an hour, it seems like it stopped recording or something, I was in my classroom so I left it recording and put it aside and when I checked two hours later, I realized it only recorded 30 minutes. Any ideas? The battery was fully charged and it was still on, I mean, it didn't turn off or anything, it jus stopped recording.

  6. Hello Richard, I loved you review of the Sansa Clip mp3 player and I want to buy it because it has the fm radio recording feature but I clicked on the link you posted to buy it through Amazon and the seller told me it does NOT have the feature to record fm music directly from the device. They say it can only record from another device which makes no sense. Can you reconfirm please?

  7. Please connect to kiosk to authorize your device

  8. +MrJommy is doesn't have a radio, SD card slot or support .AA (audible). Not only that but not made in USA.

  9. mrjommy I've seen them on ebay for $10 but sure they aren't better.

  10. Came my wedding dress Estimated that by request of my measuring cup. Fabric-very tight satin (similar to Atlas, but more texture and virtually no glitters) satisfied.

  11. really considering getting this for workouts and for my truck, bundled with my fm transmitter.

  12. Very nice review.
    My main use is audiobooks. You mention audible. So Amazon's downloads are OK? Any format concerns when buying audiobooks?
    You can reach me at in case I'm not notified of your posting.

  13. Can you put files in separate folders and sub folders on a pc, transfer them to the Sansa Clip and browse the folders & files? I don't seem to be able to do this on the Sansa M250, which makes it useless for mixed music and podcast folders.

  14. I had my first one for over a year and it worked great but I did have a few scratches on the face of it, then I lost it on a bike ride (in the rain and did not have it on) I liked it so much that I purchased another one.  I did not want scratches in my new one so I had cut me a screen protector for it and it fits perfect.

  15. I can't wait to buy one of these. They support FLAC and you can insert an SD card. What more could you want lol

  16. I can't turn it on or off.  All I see is earphones and music.  I have pushed and held various buttons and searched the manual.  Can you help

  17. im interested in this one is the sound loud enough or no?

  18. Should i get this?

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