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Sales Techniques – How to convince a customer to buy from you

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18 thoughts on “Sales Techniques – How to convince a customer to buy from you

  1. I like it a lot, and you are completely right it is all about a powerful message of trustworthiness. I will now check out more of your videos. keep it up

  2. Love it! Love your passion and your gift to inspire! Thank you!

  3. Great video Evan. I'm a rental agent in NYC. Passionate about helping my clients find the right home. Listening to there particular needs is important. I believe strongly in figuring want they want and understanding their needs. But a client wouldn't relate to that. It's a constant battle when certain clients requesting apartments that are no fee or just refusing to compensate agent for the work we do.

  4. Right now I'm trying to start my own startup and really now I'm feeling I just learn a great lesson,I should follow this.
    Thanks a lot for make me correct because before seeing this video I believe that money is the key to get customer but now I realized how wrong I was.

  5. thank you

  6. thank you …..bro

  7. Amazing, didn't expect that but makes total sense.

  8. Thanks a lot

  9. Thank you Eve I will not allow the customers and my competitor's to change my visions. Now I believe that I will start the company before the end of this year, since I will be taking control of my business. I LOVE YOU continue with what you are doing

  10. I need a violin

  11. Hi Evan, a great video. It's old but gold. Can we feature this video as well as all your freely available videos in our Sales and Marketing training app – Salesgasm. Here is the link to download

    Not a pitch or anything. The app is a free app. Just a genuine way of say that we love your work and want to feature it in our app installed in over 150 countries.

  12. Thank you!!! This was great to hear, making me answer what it is that is unique about my services. Very helpful.

  13. Awesome video Evan. you have quickly become one of my favourite YouTube mentors.

  14. We really like your videos. Someone with actual advice instead of loads of fluff words. Thank you – Success4

  15. I believe U R going 2 effect the world with believing N Thyself, Ur. impact on people is already taking place Now. People can tell that Ur. authentic power for them.


  17. I love your message. I will be sharing this to my downlines…

  18. You make the buyer feel insecure about themselves by playfully highlighting some quirk in their appearance, then pretend to share the same interests and experiences as them, then you make them feel guilty for not buying their product or for ignoring the salesman, then you overwhelm them with information on the benefits of the product while collecting contact details to lock them into a sale.

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