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RPiLooper: Raspberry Pi (perfectly) seamless video loop demo (video kiosk)

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6 thoughts on “RPiLooper: Raspberry Pi (perfectly) seamless video loop demo (video kiosk)

  1. Would there be any benefit of loading a video this way, instead of just using a TV that supports autoplay from USB? Why introduce the RPi?

  2. Hello, works this version with the new RPI 3 ? How long it takes to boot and play a video from power off?

  3. this works great! The only problem is shutting it down. R Pi does not respond to my keyboard when looping video from a USB!

  4. Can this play PowerpointLibreOffice presentations?

  5. How was it possible to start the video with no delay? I'm unable to find a way(coding in python) to totally avoid or at least reduce to a fraction of second of this buffering time at start(of omxplayer).  Can u help me by giving some inputs please?

  6. I was able to get this working but not able to get it in full screen, any suggestions. 

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