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ring light ipad kiosk review

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10 thoughts on “ring light ipad kiosk review

  1. do you ship to Australia?

  2. what photo booth app are you using?

  3. Hi how can i receive more information on this?

  4. I'm trying to buy a booth from you and your sit is not working
    need phone number

  5. How do you replace the light once the bulbs are burn't out?

  6. Tried to call today and number on your site was for some girl. Would like to talk to you about placing an order, also sent email for your site

  7. I have a lenovo tablet/laptop. Can you customize this product to accommodate my tablet/laptop?

  8. Great rig! Do you have a video showing how to mount/secure the ipad? Do you recommend a particular photobooth app and when the ipad is mounted is the home button protected so that no one may exit from the photobooth app?

  9. Do you still sell this particular unit? & how much is it? Thanks

  10. Is the iPad charged while in the booth as well?

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