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Reverse-Witnessing 2: JW Couple @ Bus Station & Their Kiosk

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3 thoughts on “Reverse-Witnessing 2: JW Couple @ Bus Station & Their Kiosk

  1. How do you preach and not want to talk to anyone? How do you preach the word of God and not want to discuss or look at scriptures?

  2. learn to COMPARE at – the English is diff than other languages => esp the * after a word => footnote + refs change -esp re "soul" – "spirit" or even "Jehovah"
    => i spotted this in NWT -Rev 13:18 re the "# of the Beast" – in Greek it's 3 DIFF GREEK numerals to make up "Six Hundred + Sixty + Six" [same in French, etc] yet the NWT in english refuses to write it out and shows "666" – typing Six Hundred sixty and six" into the SEARCH box shows NADA – abs no bible or tract ref to "six hundred sixty and six" at [ now try "666"]

  3. whether at the door or at a cart…. ALWAYS ask them for the "Study Ed'n" + the "Simplified Ed'n" of the Watchtower tract so you can COMPARE ! ! – it's NOT edited => it's RE-WRITTEN
     -diff Key Words are used for the 2 Target Audiences => go to – type EXCOMMUNICATE  into the SEARCH box – BOTH Oct 2014 versions pop up of an AUTO-BIOGRAPHY….
    "AS TOLD BY MILDRED OLSEN" [twice ! ! ] -"Milestones in My Life of Kingdom Service"
    => NOTE changes in P1-4 and esp P9

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