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RetroPie: New EmulationStation Edition – Kid Friendly

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15 thoughts on “RetroPie: New EmulationStation Edition – Kid Friendly

  1. I've installed this. Every time I quit a game, it goes back to the top of the list. I have hundreds of game so it's frustrating having to scroll down to the game I was playing. Is there any way to fix it?

  2. Fail for not knowing the konami code…..

  3. @floob
    how well does this setup run on a raspberry 3 with the 4.1 retropie image ?

    is this still glitchy?
    …it would be really nice to see this work well …
    so if you make an arcade setup for someone else you could lock out settings reliably …
    its always a pain setting up a newbies arcade to have them call you 5 times a week to fix it … im very interested to know how stable this has become …and is anyone working on it regularly to get it out of the experimental and into core functions?

  4. Dude, write a script if you are going to do a tutorial. You took 30 minutes for that. Some points got really annoying you just kept talking and repeating yourself.

  5. Kids mode doesn't remove "RetroPie Settings" how do I remove the settings icon amongst the console icons?

  6. So many awesome vids here! Great content, we'll be checking out more. Keep up the good work!

  7. If I put it in kid mode will it launch up in kid mode from now on after it's been turned off? I'd like kid mode to be default for my son's, for when they want to use it and I'm not around.

  8. hey Floob! Thanks for the information presented in this video. I was really hoping you would launch a game while in Kid mode so I can see if the config menu comes up (the one that says press a button to configure).

  9. with kid version, will you still get that option that appears to pick the emulator right before the game loads? kids always press buttons while the game is loading and they are taken to this menu and i have to close it using keyboard.

  10. Has this kid friendly ui been ironed out? I'd like to install it for a party soon but would rather wait if its still having errors. thanks for this

  11. Hey man, maybe you can help me. After i switched to the Child friendly EmulationStation i cant scrape my Games anymore. When i try, it freeze.
    PS: I find out that everything i try to change in the Metadata it freezes my Emulationstation…

  12. UGH… think i followed it as i saw it, but after i installed everthing and ran the reboot command Retropie starts up but then i get a command line, with the line ./emulationstation: not found. Thoughts?

  13. The combo is the same as in "The amazing world of gumball", not sure if this was on purpose or just coincidence.

  14. How can I uninstall it later?I have folders with game genres description. It can not be recognised and crashes then.

  15. I'm a noob when it comes to git, no worse than a noob. Would anyone be willing to build this for Windows for me? I've been looking everywhere for a way to make ES kid friendly.

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