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Retail Sales Training: How to Greet a Customer (& Avoid the Hell Zone)

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10 thoughts on “Retail Sales Training: How to Greet a Customer (& Avoid the Hell Zone)

  1. Kathy R – Ridgefield – excellent –

  2. great tip, awesome insight! thanks, Bob!

  3. All my efforts are in speaking, writing my blog and my online retail sales training at SalesRX thanks for commenting!

  4. What about having a second salesman approach the customer the second time so he feels he can shop around and not feel like he has to respond to the rep just because he is in his face?

  5. Your the best Bob. It's true I feel bad when a Sales Promoter come straight to me asking "Can I help you?". I hate those experience.

    Love your tips and will buy your book. Do you have it in eBook?

  6. Thanks 🙂

  7. It's hardly a trick Matt and the bottom line is it works, it gives customers space to settle before being forced into a conversation. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. its never good to act like theres something better to do than the customer, this is a trick recomendation and tricks are what spawn bad stereo types. true, opening with "may i help you?" is the worst greeting to use. but being warm, open and honest the customer will open up to you and thats not a trick that's a part of good communication

  9. its ok, not too good.

  10. THINK YOU(:

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