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Retail Sales Techniques – How to convince people to buy in retail

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20 thoughts on “Retail Sales Techniques – How to convince people to buy in retail

  1. thanks a lot!! this is great!

  2. Selling in retail becomes so much easier when you make sure your customer has the ultimate retail experience. Make it as convenient for them to buy from your store.

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  3. Like your way on explanning your ideas, as you give exampels. You should give more tips

  4. great tips! I am a retail store manager and these at things that our corporation taught us! I will definitely share this with my team! Thank you!

  5. Great advice. Thank you

  6. Great idea man. i wish i have a boss like you

  7. Im selling Canvas printed paintings recreated from actual art pieces. This is a new project that I took over. My printed art pieces look exactly like a hand draw one , 1/3 the price plus I frame them properly when the hand drawn paintings are not framed which means it is gonna cost more to the buyer. I want to make this niche markwt product appealing to mass market and sell in high volumes how should I go abt this.?? Thanks in advance!

  8. 1 and 2 are good advice. 1 I feel is more about confidence, which is important with sales. 3 though is kind of pointless. I, personally, wouldn't waste any time on someone that isn't sure they are going to buy. It will usually end with a return at the very least. From what I know, a good salesperson should know within 5 minutes of talking to a customer if they are going to buy or not. This shouldn't conflict with "#1", but ultimately you shouldn't waste time on a customer that isn't confident about buying something.

    #4, "Don't shop with your wallet". If a customer comes in, offer them the best item (no matter the cost) that is for them and fits their needs (and work down from there). Explain why it's the best and follow rules 1-3. I know a lot of salespeople that shop with their wallet and it feels like a lost opportunity. Also because you were so focused on what you think the customer would buy they might be happy with it and end up returning it and the new sale goes to someone else. You can never guess what someone's wallet is, you just have to read the person and body language to figure it out and go from there.

  9. This was fantastic. Thank you. I've been in sales and sales coaching my entire adult life (a looong time. lol) and I truly appreciate what you've said here. The sales culture has changed so much in the last decade and newer sales folks need a reminder about true values and integrity in the sales process. Unfortunately most companies don't include this in their training. I'm actually in the process of producing a series of tutorial videos specifically to sales.

    Thanks again! Enjoyed it!

  10. in the begining you said:
    "having been in malls ive seen a lot of sales men, if seen some really bad and some of the best"

    are you actually a salesman or have experience in it? i only ask because the advice is helpful but you never spoke on any experiences.

  11. sir can advice me if i want start my own business of selling retail newspaper what will be your recomendation please sir help me i am very thankful of you

  12. Want to know how to learn sales? Apply for a temporary job doing door to door sales. After having a few people slam the door in your face, while also making sales, developing people skills and patience, believe it or not, you will find your best pitches on the street and not in a store. I can sell anything now. Just my 2 cents.

  13. Your tips are really helpful.. but can u also make tips to make sales teLecom company's. Im new to the industry of sales. and really having a hard time to make sales.

  14. great and simple

  15. This provided zero help. How are you supposed to maintain that mindset in tip 1 when your employer is constantly on your back about how much money you need to make every hour?

  16. Great video! Good advice.

  17. Really like your videos Evan….Great job keep it up buddy:)

  18. love the canadian accent !!

  19. Thank you. Your video confirmed to me what I've been doing all along, care for people 😀

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