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Restoring Iloilo’s Heritage : Our Passion, Our Mission (Part 3 of 3)

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11 thoughts on “Restoring Iloilo’s Heritage : Our Passion, Our Mission (Part 3 of 3)

  1. yong sugest ko lng da mayor jed yung wire bah jan pwd ba tnggalin

  2. I hope it becomes a realty. Let Iloilo show the way. I wish they do the same thing in Escolta, Manila.

  3.  – very Good project for iloilo . I hope nga Ndii lang sa pakita ang ang ubrahun kundii himu on gd . magiging park na sya so? dn ma agi ang jeep? do iloilo's Calle real's beautiful and most atractive to us and espicialy to the strangers . 

  4. Why spend… that's long segment on kiosk from 5:28-6:23 showing the same bullshit of a kiosk…. that was almost a full minute of wasted footage of nothing?

  5. this is a very dragging and boring video production… so much time has been wasted on on credits in-between.. the proposed finished images corresponding to the the current locations do not convincingly come in-synch with each other… come'on you can better do better than this to impress your fellow Ilonggos.

  6. Come and visit >>> ILOILO.WS

  7. Make it happen. Make us PROUD of it. If this comes into reality, my ideal place for my retirement. Hidlaw na 'ko sa imo Iloilo. . . Love U ! ! ! . . .

  8. Truely even when I was a child I'm so amused with the struction of the buildings in city proper …/pinasahi gid yah ang desings…..specially ang soccoro/ mercury ( di ko na matandaan ah…sa atubang sg cinema hope I'm right..!!!)…Spanish inspired structure sya…..and tani wala na mga sidewalk vendor…himuan Lang sila sg area na para sa Ila just like bazaar type….hay nami gid yah magpuli sa Iloilo ah…. Hidlaw na ko..!!!!

  9. It's so amazing….hope it will be completed in few years… I'm much agree with the over-all reconstruction and make it as a town center…and the jeppneys well in my own opinion yer pwede nam giapon but in a designated route Lang with terminals….parang mall of Asia type…./can't wait to see this project done….!!!!'

  10. what is the target date for the completion for this project?

  11. hahaha! ari pa ni gali ang elsans? elementary plang ako sini.

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