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Remember When UK: Moving a Red Telephone Box (K6 Kiosk)

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4 thoughts on “Remember When UK: Moving a Red Telephone Box (K6 Kiosk)

  1. are you interested in my two black and green telephone kiosks. Can you please let me know?

  2. Great! how do you tell the model no of a telephone box. eg k2 k6 etc?

  3. thanks for the info k6gpo..
    i'm making something similar to yours except it's for a one time move.. the final cost is looking like $200ish but i doubt it will be as easy to use as yours (for instance, the one i'm doing uses bolts to raise the phone box whereas i assume yours has some sort of fancier mechanism to do the lift)

  4. hi
    any idea on where i could rent that type of dolly in the u.s (nyc)?

    if not, any alternative ideas for moving a red telephone booth approx 75' on decent concrete?

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