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Redbox Video Rental Kiosk Return Netflix Sent back Late..;-( DVD and Film Rentals Review

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14 thoughts on “Redbox Video Rental Kiosk Return Netflix Sent back Late..;-( DVD and Film Rentals Review

  1. Return the movie just one minute late (even if the asshole in front of you is just fucking around without renting dick) and you'll still have to pay another rental. It made me feel like getting a hammer and go at it at each redbox in town, but; $5.00 bucks isn't worth it 😉 There is another place in town called blue box though, but I don't know if they're the same. I don't care, I make money, I have a job. I have Netflix. I may get Roku, there is Hulu, there is Amazon, there is… Walmart at $5 bucks per movies, there are "torrents". For slapping the Monkey time; 10 minutes of xvideos dot cum would do… and for free 😉 I want to also add another like Netflix.

  2. Isn't redbox awesome!

  3. I usually buy my movies beats going to the movies and spending 30 dollars just save that 30 and wait for dvd

  4. I've seen "yellowboxes" in Italy, but only 3 or 4 while I was stationed there.

  5. nope.never seen one before. but i bet they will get one some time lol

  6. They raised the price from $1.00 to like $1.19 or something Very Cheap and you keep for 24 hours 1 day etc…;-) I do Netflix which is THE BEST I think but this is neat when I forget to send back my netflix and have no entertainment..;-)

  7. LOL… I just made this one so that S Class is my main set of wheels right now… I do have 3-5 of them for sale at any given time…;-)

  8. WOW… See now i would have thought you would have had them in Germany… Maybe its more onlyu in English only places they do end up with the most movies… But i mean there all translated so I dunno… I heard A LOT of places in Europe do NOT have Netflix either…;-(

  9. Lots of people seem to use that expensive but Super Convient

  10. LOL… Its more costly though this is like $1.00 USD I mean it takes going and remembering to return it but CHEEEP… My Mom and dad use the Pay Par View like you there.. I cancled cable 13 years ago so the dvd's are my tv i guess…;-)

  11. Interesting..

  12. WOW… Thats a scam huh

  13. They dont have them there?

  14. LOL.. That ine was pretty good as well

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