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Redbox paper disk scam watch before you rent from RedBox

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11 thoughts on “Redbox paper disk scam watch before you rent from RedBox

  1. Lmao just use a prepaid card on the website and keep the game. If you reserve a copy with bullshit credentials the website lets you use prepaid cards. I do it all the time.

    You don't need to do the paper bullshit. It just hurts other people.

  2. I have it on record tovits on my channel

  3. omg that happens to me just on Sunday

  4. just happen twice to me today

  5. iyan ang problema ng vendo physical media.

  6. if your comments are blocked on a certain channel, just click history in your tabs bar, find the video you commented on, and post comment

  7. Redbox doesn't accept prepaid cards anymore as far as I know, so most people doing this still are doing it with stolen debit/credit cards probably. Or they're just kids with mommy's card or just dumb people in general. I just got a fake game today and called to report it and they told me that they'll trace the last card to rent it and at least ban it from ever being used again. Not sure if they'll investigate beyond that or not. But I got a free game rental and they got banned, so it's whatever. Still pisses me off because this was the only redbox in town that had the game I wanted to fucking try. So thanks a lot you fucking scumbags.

  8. I'm going to do it but I am going to leave 3 bucks in there too just to make sure they don't report me 🙂

  9. this is how blockbuster is gonna make its comeback

  10. It's smart tho gotta admit

  11. that happend to me a year ago……….my first time to happen to me…i was like….wtf

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