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Raspberry Pi – Raspbian – Kiosk Mode

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4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi – Raspbian – Kiosk Mode

  1. There are complete out of the box distros which perform the same, as Raspberry Digital Signage.

  2. I do not remember exactly which distro that I used. I don't believe it matters which distro you use, but I would use a very lightweight distro. You can have this work with any distro. Basically you are putting the '@chromium –kiosk –incognito (IP/Web Address)' in the autostart configuration file.

  3. Hi,

    what are you using to do this?

    Which distro (e.g. Raspbian?), and how did you configure (like is this with the @chromium -kiosk in autostart?

    Thanks for posting this.

  4. Nice video….

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