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Raspberry Pi Media Player / Video Looper Tutorial

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10 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Media Player / Video Looper Tutorial

  1. Thanks for the great video Craig….I am looking for a safe place to download WIN32 disc imager….sourceforge is listed as a malware site…thanks for your advice!

  2. Thanks so much! It worked as described! I appreciate it!

  3. im looking for a media player that will play all of my mp4 in order…when one video ends the next will begin…will this program do that…if not is there a program for a raspberry pi that will

  4. I have the Raspberry Pi 2B

  5. I followed all these steps but whenI plugged it in — nothing happened

  6. thanks you for sharing this! This helped a lot!

  7. Will this work on the RasPi 3 Model b?

  8. My pi gets stuck before the boot sequence text, on the screen showing the RGB gradient thing. Can anyone help?

  9. looks like it is far from a smooth playback though..

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