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Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Setup and Demo

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19 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Setup and Demo

  1. Can it do HDMI? And is it powered by micro usb?

  2. How could I do this if my rpi has kali linux installed

  3. Any idea for a casing system to keep the Pi safe? I dont think the official cases will work after you mount the display, will they?

  4. What kind of power bank do you use?

  5. c'est quoi la reference du powerbank que vous utiliser avec *

  6. Does hdmi still function while the touch screen is installed?

  7. What are the other 2 jumper wires for? It comes with 4 cables.

  8. any one notice his pebble time?

  9. These phones can connect to the O Brother

  10. bhai ek baat batao y phone s connect ho sakta h

  11. If you set up your Raspberry Pi – and install Node-Red (I have a script on the blog to do all of that) – now you can have some fantasic gauges and displays – here's an example – more on the blog –

  12. can you do another video without your mouth noises! -_-

  13. Can you use hdmi output and keep using the screen? (double screen output)

  14. can you use it as a 2nd pc monitor ?

  15. uhhhhhhhhh

  16. the ground pin is not pin 3, but instead it's 6 or 5. I think its pin 6. It is the third pin over from the 5 volt pin.


    Written instructions including script for flipping the screen and adding a touchscreen keyboard.

  18. Will this work with retroPie to make it portable?

  19. What packages if any need to be installed beyond the default Raspian build?

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