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Rarest Nintendo NES find ever? Discovery of M82 shop demo unit – kiosk games in a loft!

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11 thoughts on “Rarest Nintendo NES find ever? Discovery of M82 shop demo unit – kiosk games in a loft!

  1. This vid seems like someone preparing some evidence for an insurance claim. now we need to look back in time to see what we see. every time I hear that accent my hand reflexively check to see if my wallet is still in it's pocket.

  2. Like your Video!
    Like the M82!

  3. Hi there. I've just started expanding my collection from the ones I had as a kid and have come across your channel. Firstly congratulations on the find. But I was just wondering how you know that these are defiantly from an m82? Couldn't the person have just printed out the pieces of paper to make them sell for more? Or is there some other differences that I don't know about?

  4. I'm in complete awe. Those are awesome dude! Nice vid 😀
    – Tyler

  5. The right person found these ! Great stuff fantastic that there is a back story to this collection !

  6. Wow! Awesome find!

  7. nice find dave and interesting facts on the M82 I remember some units in john menzies or tandys from the late 80's like this … deffo gone to a good home 🙂

  8. Sweet baseline Jesus!!! Winner fuckin 69 Daveyboy!!! What a amazing bit of treasure you have claimed!!! Well done to you sunshine!!! Mate best pickup I've ever seen with the 82!!! Back of the net!!!

  9. Excellent mate!. Congrats on finding these rare items. Nice investment there sir.

  10. Great find

  11. I used to live in Fareham and remember snooping around the nintendo offices bins but only ever found posters.

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