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Rare Game Boy Kiosk System Display review – Gamester81

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14 thoughts on “Rare Game Boy Kiosk System Display review – Gamester81

  1. Did you happen to catch the make/model of that monitor?

  2. oooooo ooooooo… do a review of the Super Game Boy!

  3. Very cool

  4. There's a vendor at Frank and sons collectible show in Southern California who has one of these

  5. Luv it when Gamster does videos like this…

  6. I had gotten a gameboy colour from my uncle so the first games I got were all the Pokemon games XD even pikachu version(yea I'm 13)

  7. Great video Gamester, I recently picked up a Nintendo 64 store kiosk and love it.

  8. I played DK country at toys release us on one!

  9. I can tell you for a fact exactly what those Velcro strips were for, as I got my first gb from tru!
    They attached to the plastic bin that held the buy tickets that you would bring up to the little game office at the front of the store, a simple but effective theft prevention method.

  10. I'm still pissed you outbid me on this one. 😛

  11. Really awesome video like the Bonk's game I may have to get that for the Game Boy. I own a Demoboy II kiosk and have been having issues for years trying to find a Gameboy that will work with it kind of a bummer.

  12. Since this is from Toys R Us, my thought is that the velcro was meant to hold the vinyl pockets you took tickets out of. You'd take a ticket to the cashier to get the item, rather than taking it directly off the shelf.

  13. I emember playing donkey kong on one of those kiosks at a kmart I think it was back in the day! that's fucking cool you found one bro I totally forgot about that

  14. That monitor is gorgeous!

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