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Purchasing Stamps @ Post Office: ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURE!!

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13 thoughts on “Purchasing Stamps @ Post Office: ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURE!!

  1. I was like danggggg $30 for 90 stamps?? Where the hell is this machine? Oh wait it's in 2010 LOL

  2. I actually needed this videos, to send ny fathers day gift lol

  3. I never used one of these machines and wanted to find a good video watching someone use it. Your video was helpful and gave me confidence. Thank you.

  4. I believe it didn't take EBT at the time. I didn't really look into that.

  5. Lolz….but did that sceen say the machine takes EBT cards?! I didn't know you could eat stamps…

  6. @Theminecraftplayerdd
    Not really. We're so used to it.
    When it's a fire signal, it does get annoying, especially when they blast it minutes on-end. (4 blasts, silence, versus using Code 3.)

  7. @Theminecraftplayerdd
    Just a time announcement, I believe (don't remember, really, but likely).

  8. @Theminecraftplayerdd
    We have a siren that blasts on certain hours, like 6pm, 8am, and when there's a fire.

  9. @davidtheatheist
    I do all that stuff at work, via UPS.

  10. @dontwalkhand
    Hmm. Interesting! Never really looked at it that way.
    Makes a lot of sense, now that you mentioned it.
    Thanks for the info.!

  11. @cannycart

  12. You better take down this video…. It's WAY TO WILD!!

  13. @Balarick
    I'm one of the few that don't trust automatic payments.
    Purchasing them in-bulk means the price stays the same: no fee hike, even if implemented (until the stamp well runs dry).

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