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PS3 4.60 DEMO/kiosk MODE with download

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11 thoughts on “PS3 4.60 DEMO/kiosk MODE with download

  1. Does this work with CECH-3001B

  2. Please I need realy Help

  3. I cant unlock kiosk mode… Keys is invalid

  4. Can I do ISO games and apps with this CFW like the jailbreak?

  5. need to do this on a ps4…. need help

  6. What's the difference between a USB Stick and a USB Hardrive? Answer ASAP!!

  7. If they can make a freakin kiosk one why wouldn't they make a full jailbreak? Insteat of only 3.55 jailbreakable consoles why couldn't they just make a full jailbreak to all ofw's?

  8. i need help my demonstration mode 4.66

  9. What install package files can you install

  10. the data is corrupted (8002F2E4) ??

  11. Can I use jail broken mods online answer asap

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