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PS3 4.55 DEMO/kiosk MODE with download

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9 thoughts on “PS3 4.55 DEMO/kiosk MODE with download

  1. can you Jailbreak your ps3 on demo mode?

  2. I need help for the password…

  3. can u do this on 4.60

  4. hey do u know how I can down grade my ps3 form 4.60  to 4.55 for I can jailbreak me ps3???

  5. Hey man the mfw works, now i need to know what pkg files work on it. Can you answer me with , if it is possible, a link? Please.

  6. i need to work out how to play online and need to install packages

  7. hey man im stuck on demo but i unlocked it but the thing that i couldnt do is i cant play online and im on 4.60 and i also need pkg's so can u help me 🙁

  8. Hey guys and girls i updated the reveter link test it for me and tell me if it works Thanks 

  9. can you have black ops 2 mod menus

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