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PS store kiosk TUTO

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9 thoughts on “PS store kiosk TUTO

  1. @coolflip135 yourwelcome

  2. @themariogamer123 epic lol

  3. :O TEACH ME MASTER!!!!!!!!!!

  4. :O so u can get any game on psn store free AND MAPPACKS

  5. @themariogamer123 it allows u to install pkg retail games and games for free hacks and mod ur games and cheat … ect

  6. i still dont know wat jailbreaking do? and how u do it? >:| replyyyyyy

  7. ok bro and dont forget … ive updated the post of 4.20 cfw u know have link … ill tell u how to install it in 5 hours ! i dont have skype only msn … ill maybe use my friends skype … cya partner !

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