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18 thoughts on “PRO FIDGET SPINNER TRICKS (very cool)

  1. 25k dislikes wow

  2. Really nigga

  3. ladyfingers so dirty thoughts

  4. Are you ok

  5. Nice tricks! I need some more practice ^^

  6. take to long

  7. nothing interesting

  8. I hate these things

  9. yr trick really suck

  10. Im getting actual fidget spinner trick videos recommended now.

  11. Watch fidget spinner vs rim spinner

  12. after the trash can one, I found he was being sarcastic

  13. What a loser. If my grown ass son was bragging about this I'd beat the shit out of him

  14. Totally agreed. Those shits are only good to fill the trash cans.

  15. Natty Bo shirt tight AF

  16. FidgetSpinnerKid6D9 here!

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