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Pressing Tshirts at Kiosk in Mall

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11 thoughts on “Pressing Tshirts at Kiosk in Mall

  1. Where can I get them transfer Designs?

  2. What about copy right laws from the breaking bad shirts ??

  3. which side of the mall is he on

  4. omg good info but I would be so mad seeing you video my stand

  5. Surprised he's still there with all that copyrighted stuff he's printing. Disney alone is a $30,000+ fine not to mention Adidas. nice video. I had a kiosk in a mall there like $1800 a month. but I own all my own equipment so no need for one now. I do Silkscreen,sublimation,plastisol transfers,hat's mug's htv and decals.

  6. Your videos are very helpful. I want to know how do you just steps out on faith and start the tshirt business. I am very bored with my corporate job and I am miserable. I don't have alot of money and I don't want to go broke doing this. Thanks for all your help.

  7. Love your videos, I've been watching them for a few years now and always enjoy your content.

    Looks like he wasn't locking down the press as good as it he could have. Maybe that has led to your shirt peeling already?

  8. Cartess says he doesn't like talking and he is a introvert? Hogwash. Lol. Great video.

  9. How and where can I get custom design screen print transfers for my personal designs?

  10. love ur videos.. im from massachusetts hope to create my own clothes store

  11. Great shirt!That shirt is it license by women who said that look her up on youtube? I love watching your channel. I wanted to know when you going to do another Q &A like to ask questions. Take care Peace and Love!

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