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Pre-Immigration counter at Bombay airport

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10 thoughts on “Pre-Immigration counter at Bombay airport

  1. benchoud stamp tera baap yaa auto waala mare gaa, benchoud ghati bhasee, marathas, aamchee mumbai tumaaree gand ghati

  2. hahahaha

  3. I can't believe but I so TV. Good. After 50 years you will have PC to , maybe

  4. what was that video about?

  5. that is a fake ! 😀

  6. this is a totally MISLEADING video!

  7. please change name Bombay airport — to Mumbai

  8. u dumbasses its in the arrival area..where the fuck would u find an immigration counter with baggage conveyer belts in the background…half the people shit here commenting fly once every 10 leap years.

  9. its not Immigration counter. Its the prior checking counter before Immigration. Dont post some bullshit here.

  10. Fuckin Lie – These fucking officers in mumbai dont understand the meaning of greeting, smile or hospitality

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