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Prayer Stop Kiosk Assembly

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5 thoughts on “Prayer Stop Kiosk Assembly

  1. so coooooooool! love my prayer stop kiosk. kidz are begging to go out asap and evangelize.

  2. @eahaddixscomments Also, how much do you think it costs for us to have one of these kiosks custom made or for the vests, hats, training DVD, etc., to be made and shipped? You act as if we are trying to get rich selling kiosks when the truth is far from it. In fact, we have given many of these away to those who cannot afford to purchase one. Sign up for our newsletter at our website and perhaps God will bless you with one?

  3. @eahaddixscomments No. What I am saying is considering all you get in a starter pack, this is a great value. Everything cost money. We price things based on what they cost us. If you can help us find a more economical solution we'd gladly consider it.

  4. @eahaddixscomments Once again you are making accusations about us and our ministry that are not based in fact. You are also saying you cannot find 4 others who want to share the gospel and are willing to make a $100.00, one time investment into an ongoing ministry. If you cannot afford to purchase a starter pack, set up a card table with a hand written sign. We do not profit for the products we sell, We are not a business but are merely creating a turn key outreach solution.

  5. @eahaddixscomments Two, No one said you have to use our stuff. We do not care if someone wants to do what we first did and set up a card table with a hand written sign that says something like, "Free Prayer" and hand out tracts, bibles or anything else that wins people to the Lord. Out heart simple put is to see souls saved and to equip christian who care with the tools and resources they need to reach out to those in their community.

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