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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Kiosk Demo) Part 1: The unseeable intro portion

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16 thoughts on “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Kiosk Demo) Part 1: The unseeable intro portion

  1. Is possibile hack this rom for discover New beta/unused contenent from Pokemon Diamon and Pearl? This is request is for the beta games fans!

  2. Where did you download this?

  3. too bad the game is unbeatable

  4. I wish i could travel back in time to do this wherever you could play this and leave like a boss.

  5. Awesome! You just earned a sub! 😉

  6. @Celeste~ A Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Kiosk Demo Walk through walls is what I was thinking of to because I wanted to see how much of the game was finished at the the time.

  7. Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Demo [Kiosk Demo] Doesn't have walk through walls like the final product as far as I have searched, it has to be hacked.

  8. Pokemon Diamond And Pearl [Walk through walls] Press R+B to activate and L+B to deactivate.
    94000130 FCFD0200
    12056C06 00002000
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FCFD0100
    12056C06 00001C20
    D2000000 00000000
    Pokemon Diamond And Pearl [Not for demo] Still searching.

  9. If I find the code i'll paste it on a comments box.

  10. so could you trade pokemon from this demo version?

  11. I would like to see an continuation of this!

  12. What's the code for walk through walls on the demo version? I tried codes for the retail version and they didn't work.

  13. This was actually one of the first things I wanted to do when I discovered this demo some years ago. I was planning on doing it some day, but never did. I'm glad that someone else did it!
    I wasn't expecting it to have so much content, by the way.

  14. Very interesting. I wonder what about other Pkmn demos. Go explore that cave if it's normally unexplorable.

  15. it really is interesting, seeing as the demo has the entire game in it. if i remember correctly, the cave the guy talks about in the seeable demo is blocked off. if you talk to the  guy at the entrance he says thanks for playing or soemthing and restarts the demo. i want to know what happens when you use WTW to go in the cave. because i'm pretty sure the retail game did not have a cave in that spot.

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