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Playstation 1,Playstation 2 demo kiosk machines,psone,ps2

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6 thoughts on “Playstation 1,Playstation 2 demo kiosk machines,psone,ps2

  1. how much is the ps2 kiosk worth?

  2. I would want the system itself if I went for a deal.

  3. That's great, I'd be interested in the PS1 kiosk but as per my reply below, what part of the country are you please?

  4. these machines are for sale should anybody be iterested ? i would sell for a decent cash offer.?
    i also have a huge collection of psone and ps2 games for the machines all in near mint condition.
    if any body needs parts for either machine i have various spare parts

  5. Keep me posted if you decide to sell.

  6. Awesome, would you be interested in selling the PS1 kiosk by any chance? I missed one on ebay earlier this year and have been gutted about it ever since.

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