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Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Gameplay – Terraformation #2 (Let’s Play Planet Coaster)

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18 thoughts on “Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Gameplay – Terraformation #2 (Let’s Play Planet Coaster)

  1. I'm literally drooling. This game…oh my. I absolutely love all the details. I can see myself spending hours and hours on one building. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Keep up the good work.

  2. Maybe you could edit the castle and add some toilets or shops inside the the middle.

  3. I want this game now :D. That guard must be day dreaming

  4. Have you tried the dirty water Biffa? :~}

  5. gosh you are so creative! That castle looks awesome 🙂
    Really enjoying the videos, but still missing tea leaf, tea biscuit and darjeeling 🙁

  6. Looking good Biffa, With the Coaster you should build a Castle as an entrance/exit to it

  7. Could castle design. I love the imagery of the mountain top castle within the park.

    I like your idea to put a roller coaster underneath the castle, I think that would look really good and give 'use' to the castle scene. (From a story perspective, I would not be surprised if some park offices are in the castle, might as well make use of that space. hehe)

    As a random note, seeing you make such a large mountain gives me the cool idea of taking the flat land and building a vast rock dome over it and having the park look like its in a vast underground cavern. That could be soo cool. Time consuming, but very cool. Especially if from the outside the mountain looks natural.

    Good episode, I enjoyed seeing what was going on.

    PS. Oh, random question what was the music you used in the timelapse. Its pretty cool background music! 🙂

  8. make more please not like the others

  9. Can't wait for more episodes! Next episode start trying to do some rides!

  10. Thank you for not editing all the building out of your video's! Building is the biggest part of the game, and I like seeing it 🙂

  11. looking good so far…

  12. anyone else think that the path near the lake looks like mumbo's mustache?

  13. when I see the arch over the path the little bit next to it looks like a hyena I don't know why but that's what I see.

  14. How about some benches for rest and viewing areas? Maybe a refreshments shop at the castle?

  15. Hey Biffa, Just have to say, I love the castle! It is kind of a cross between Disney World Orlando's Castle and Harry Potter's Hogwarts Castle at night. I like that! Too Cool.

    Maybe you could make a medieval "towne" shops below and straight through the center of the town, but just overhead, make a "Dragon Ride" Coaster or a "Witch's Ride" Coaster. Complete with barrel rolls and maybe loops on either side of, but below the Castle. You don't want the coaster to overshadow the castle if you can help it. I think that would be Awesome. And park goers could see the people on the ride having fun flying just over their heads.

    Just a thought, but I'd definitely love to see that. The decision is up to you though, my friend. Anything you come up with will be Awesome. It always is. ; – )

    Also, tomorrow is the first day of DragonCon here in Atlanta, GA. I'll be there all weekend. It is four days, so you won't be hearing anything from me until I get back. Keep up that Awesome job. and I'll catch ya' later. (either later tonight if you post anything tonight or when I get back from the Con. (Look up DragonCon on Google and you should find it if you are curious)) I'm going to be in Jedi for the next two days(Fri & Sat) and in Full Dress Klingon the day after (Sun). The last day will be casual. I've been going to DragonCon since 1992. Cya' Later, my friend. }}}; – )

  16. really enjoying it , some great tools to use 1 I would put in some kind of gold mine – cart roller coaster around the underneath and through the rocky mountain . I love the animation of the characters , those guards are awesome !!!

  17. I would make the path in the castle cobble stone or some type of stone since it doesn't really make sense for it to be sand

  18. stunning background music selection.. yet again you never fail to impress. keep the videos coming biffa

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