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Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Gameplay – Castle Park #1 (Let’s Play Planet Coaster)

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14 thoughts on “Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Gameplay – Castle Park #1 (Let’s Play Planet Coaster)

  1. I love how the entrance says welcome in French, while being in a Desert and having an all but French theme scheme. (Wild West and Pirates = American, Disney and Fairytales are mostly the Grimm brothers and they were German)

  2. Now you just need a King. Im free from Mon to Thur 🙂
    I like that 'sandstone toilet' btw … hmmm sitting on sandstone hmmm

  3. I like how people use this games soundtrack for timelapses in the game. Sign of a good soundtrack 😀

  4. Castle 5 i would like to see

  5. Yesssss thx biffa!!!

  6. I fell in love with this game, it's kinda like rtc but kinda different as well, i think it has huge potential and i'll certainly buy it … It's just amazing, you've shown this game to me, now i'm watching 3 youtubers playing this game, i'm so glad i found out about it

  7. I guess my park name suggestion would come from a family fun center that is now called "Boomer's". Therefor, you could call it Biffalot.

  8. Hey Biffa just a quick question if you get the thrillseeker edition of the game now do you also get the game when it comes out or will you have to pay that seperatly aswell?

  9. I'm a bit partial to #6 and #7 myself, but that is because I was born in Orlando, Florida, Just a stones throw away from Disney World. Great Episode, Biffa. Keep up the Great work and I'll catch ya' later, my friend.

  10. wow Biffa , this looks brilliant! my first time watching you play this unfortunately but what a series to start watching! beautiful and the possibilities ! I could spend hours and hours playing this game ! I love the creativity of it ! and it looks amazing ! thanks for playing it and sharing !

  11. Is that the game music

  12. can u do more planet coaster I love planet coaster if I had the money I would totally but this game I have all the original rollercoaster tycoon games 1,2, and 3

  13. Yay so glad to see Planet Coaster back!

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