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Pictionary Mall Surprise | Mattel Games

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11 thoughts on “Pictionary Mall Surprise | Mattel Games

  1. so cool

  2. I want to play !!

  3. Where is this set? I wanna go there!

  4. I AM CANADIAN…the most beautiful country in the world and its people are Awesome

  5. Creatividad e imaginación 😉

  6. 1:22 lol guy drew a dick cactus

  7. I literrally go to Sherway, I live by this place. Not only am I pissed I didn't get a free gigantic teddy bear, I missed out.

  8. I know that mall well, and I have no idea how you managed to hide the teddy bear and giant gift box to make those surprises happen, but great work!! That was fun to watch! ^_^

  9. this would never happen to me… well noone knows my dreams man i have some crazy lucid dreams going on up in this head XD

  10. I live close to this mall:)

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