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PI 3, Windows 10 IoT, 7″ LCD and Browser Support !!

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16 thoughts on “PI 3, Windows 10 IoT, 7″ LCD and Browser Support !!

  1. you should buy the pi3 ots much fester than the 2

  2. Are there advantages to installing it via NOOBS as opposed to just having Windows 10 IoT on its own microSD card? I suppose I should ask the inverse too, are there advantages to running Windows 10 IoT without NOOBS?

  3. Your explanation is very clear, in an agreable takt, no stress , youare using the appropriate technical words well precisely. I use rapberry Pi2B+, for my development it's enough but when i will master the comminication WiFi i probably switch to Raps3. It's a fantastic tool, specialy Python who allow to program without all the langage specific  complex syntax of other standart langage like C or C++. I apprciate to follow your course, many tks, ABM – Belgium

  4. man this guy is fkn stupid timing a cold boot while its checking disk… fkn windows noooooooooooooooooooooooob

  5. Is it possible to get Clive Barker's Undying and those older kind of PC games to run on the Pi3?

  6. I cannot download the Insider Preview, and i signed up for the Insider Preview Program. Can you help me?

  7. And now that you have that Lovely display – how about making some control panels – I've been ploughing into this for the last week with lots of success providing displays and gauges for Node-Red Dashboard- check this out – and previous articles –

  8. That was nice one. Just like Windows 10 IoT, does similar thing exist for Android (one made by Google themselves) ? If yes, please make a similar video on it. Thank you.

  9. Can I use Rhinoceros with a raspbbery pi? I can't afford a proper computer and I'm planning to buy a raspbbery pi 3 to do my designing.Finally,is it possible to improve it?(like getting another one or some other components maybe sorry I don't know a lot about computers)

  10. unplug the display prolly it used your irq

  11. the language settings is for the Noobs layout not the install (which annoyingly is always en-US on windows 10, at least linux installs ask you or sometimes even auto detect your location)

  12. Hello Peter. M just curious to know if it's possible to connect a rpi3 running win10 IOT to a windows homegroup. If so, what would be the pros and cons of playing media files from a homegroup server on the pi, it being hooked on to a TV via HDMI?

  13. what is the password?

  14. can anyone enlighten me on what you can do on windows iot which isn't done by any of the other distro alot better…what am I missing?

  15. Dear Peter Oakes,
    Can I watch Full HD youtube videos on this device using Win10 IoT? Furthermore can I use MS or other kind of (Open/Libre…) Office? Thank You.
    Have a nice day.
    Best regards,


  16. 14:35 "Thanks for choosing Windows" I didn't expect that from micro$oft.

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