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Photo Booth Instruction Videos: Installing Tablet, Camera, & Printer

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19 thoughts on “Photo Booth Instruction Videos: Installing Tablet, Camera, & Printer

  1. hi, i wanna ask how to instantly print photos with this setup? how do the camera send the images to the tablet?

  2. Hello, what lens you're using?

  3. What if I just want to send the pictures to people's email instead of printing? Which software did you use to connect camera to the laptop/tablet?

  4. What software do I use with this set up thanks

    i do all the same way you did it…but do i need to download the software to the tablet so i can print the photos?

  6. que características tiene que tener la tablet y como se llama el programa

  7. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. do you sell the in closure


  10. hello, I have an IPad and I want to do the same but I don't know the name of the case so I can connect the iPad with the camera, and my iPad doesn't have an usb entrance.
    thank you

  11. The details we are wiling to provide are on the website:

  12. Can you send me the measurement for your photo booth.. I want to try and make me as well. Great videos and thanks for posting. I have the same equipment but no housing yet. Yours is perfect fit.

  13. what's the name of the camera?

  14. would love to see it in action. meaning a picture taken and printed. is it possible for you to do a video demonstration?

  15. David
    Do you work with nano Pc or mini Pc ? Surface Is powerfull for this software ??

  16. Bro Dave I appreciate the response back… To be continued

  17. Hi Dave can I use any tablet or do it have to be Microsoft surf pro? How much space would I need for the software for the tablet? Because I have everything except the tablet and and software..

  18. Hi. Thanks foe sharing. Q: Is the USB Hub power?

  19. thank but you don't tell me what can of pro area exactly do you use ? (you)

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