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Photo Booth Advice From An Expert – Part 1

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20 thoughts on “Photo Booth Advice From An Expert – Part 1

  1. Thanks for this video, Really helped me get started

  2. Thermal ribbon printers such as DNP are fast and cheap to maintain but there print quality and gloss is poor compared to inkjets. When using inkjets you need a minimum of two printers.

  3. These are the store brand of photobooths. They are not the Coca-Cola high name brand thus they look generic and basic. Companies like Shutterbooth have better presentation and cleaner looks but you'll pay more .

  4. everyone ends up staring at the screen on those booths 2:05

  5. Well thanks for essentially telling us nothing. Your comment don't think like a DJ WTF to be a DJ/MC at an event is an actual skill unlike putting up a photo booth i know because i do all three at the same time and the photo booth is a no brainier, as far as what i charge for my photo booth i charge what it is worth which is less than half what photo booth only company's in my area charge because lets face it they are a rip off like you. The gig is up time for the professionals to take over.

  6. thx for the info

  7. Chris, if you read this please contact me at the email address below.I was a mobile DJ for over 20 years and currently developing my own photobooth- software and hardware etc- all custom and with some unique features. My first live show in 2 weeksI have some questions and ideas I would like to bounce off any photobooth experts out there.bill  AT  advanced   Interactive  .net(No spaces)

  8. In my company we have reality photobooth i like

  9. What company did you purchase the $4,000 photo booth from? What is the brand? I would like to purchase one to include in our hall rental packages. Please let me know!

  10. I have a question. what tipe of diffuser are you using? Im about to finish my photbooth, I'm just missing my flash and the diffuser. can you give me an advice?

  11. What is the best photo booth in 2016, looking for a full size curtain enclosed photobooth. If you had to buy another which
    photobooth would you buy now, Im looking for enclosed booth that has monitor outside so people can see other photos while they are waiting. Also is DNP printer the best, darkroom 2 software, canon t5 camera.

  12. What kind of insurance should I carry for a photobooth business and can you recommend an insurance agent in the San Bernardino area?

  13. DO you still Like the Colorado photo booth?

  14. This looks seriously shady. What's with the creepy dark garage? If you're doing THAT much business, can't you afford to rent a studio for your videos??

  15. photo booth experts who cant light their you tube video..??

  16. Whats the name of the 3rd one the light one that goes in the trunk. Im handicapped and would like to research it.

  17. Would you say the DNP DS-RX1 is a good printer for the business?

  18. i would like know how to buy a photo booth

  19. +Bear Clayton comes complete with camera and printer. it's perfect!

  20. @raymond williams (media = paper/ink)

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