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Petrol Station Construction

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12 thoughts on “Petrol Station Construction

  1. vault systems suck.

  2. indizel pump k bare m ku6 btaye.. kasi company h

  3. Isn't this in Turkey? I didn't know it snows in Turkey. All hail Fuhrer Erdogan! Praise be to his moustache!

  4. how much for this project.
    then open new petrol pump
    what can I do
    Tell me sir ……

  5. what is the name of the machine on the left around 1:47?

  6. how much does this cost

  7. hi i'm interesting to build my own gas station in Eritrea Africa we have no special company could build petrol station could i get in touch with some one who knows how to make similar of the gas station with items gasoline and diesel i need to know the budget will be

  8. Give me a rough estimation in dollars of how much this would cost to build in Lagos, Nigeria. I just bought a old dilapidated gas station, so i want to do a complete renovation. So, please give me a ball pack figure of how much it would cost to build one like this.. Just a rough estimation. Thanks

  9. amazing video full of knowledge……

  10. Oh.. I see.

  11. One thing I noticed was that the tanks weren't anchored? Where is this?

  12. Amazing, good work!

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