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Passover Meal | Sebastian Maniscalco: Aren’t You Embarrassed

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18 thoughts on “Passover Meal | Sebastian Maniscalco: Aren’t You Embarrassed

  1. Why are Italians so superstitious about using your right hand?

  2. french cuisine is no different

  3. maybe the best food comedy i ever tasted

  4. hes good

  5. i love this guy , unfortunately he witnessed a passover seder done the ancient way , the anti pasto was served three years after christ , if jesus had a proper meal the romans,would have let the jews serve the chicken soup first , then hed have the stregnth to eat the salad ,in order to enjoy the lamb

  6. every Sunday at Grandma's house

  7. everything so frigin true I laughed my ass off

  8. the funny thing is we have meatballs at my passover dinners lol

  9. This is So Italian!!

  10. No we read for two hou—–TWO HOURSS?!?

  11. I have no talent either.

  12. Italians are the Jews wild cousins.

  13. The only good jewish food is jewish deli and arab jew cuisine ie falafel etc

  14. Hey Sebastian – love your skits and am sharing them on G+ and my timeline. Also getting some great responses from friends on and off f/b. Well you have a great day and be well my friend. FYI, so far the Passover one is my favorite.

  15. This guy is so funny. Everything I watch I laugh my a as off. I want to see hi in Boston. Da Best!

  16. The look on his face when he says two hours.

  17. i love this guy

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