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P3TV Gamestop Dumpster Dive – Mega Kiosk Find

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19 thoughts on “P3TV Gamestop Dumpster Dive – Mega Kiosk Find

  1. I wish I could of gave you the kiosk I found man.  I found a Nvidia kiosk.  Everything worked perfectly on their.  I just had no place for it.  I ended up taking the flat screen out of it and threw the rest away.

  2. how the hell did you move a ps3 display from the trash to your house

  3. Found a ps3 one once and sold it on ebay.  there were 2 ps3 kiosks there but was only able to get one…


  5. I think I found a new hobby lmao

  6. the GTA V PS3 kiosk is awesome! nice haul. wish I'd live near a gamestop

  7. Dude I got the same one

  8. thats awesome dude!!! I also have a display but I dont have the usb stick :/ I was wondering if u could tell me whats on the usb so I could get mine working!! that would be great, thanks!!!

  9. Hey if you find any ill trade for stuff ps3/4 Xbox kiosks please I have other stuff need a ksk still

  10. hey i have a complete diablo 3 ps3 kiosk ad set up for trade with instructions

  11. I just got back from my dumpster dive and i got one of the xbox 360 kiosks 🙂

  12. Man thats awesome i found a bunch of those but didnt have a truck to take them but was able to grab a ps vita one. But no media card :'(

  13. The cord is just a normal ps vita charger nothing special. This is just a display that holds the ps vita. The vita and the lcd screen do not connect.

  14. I should be able to do that, I have yet to plug the usb stick into my pc once I do I will post a link and instructions on how to format / setup the usb stick. I'm also needing another left touch panel, but I might have an extra outside cover I will let you know if and when its available.

  15. Any chance you could copy and upload what was on the USB stick? I found the same kiosk, but I need the software (and a new left touchscreen, and the outside part to hide the wires >.>)

  16. OMG!!!!!

  17. Soon I will have a teardown video of the ps vita display to help others rebuild. The problem I keep finding is the touch screens are broken on most ps vita kiosks that I have found.

  18. the psvita looks good i have one but its in peaces. nice ps3 and xbox displays

  19. the psvita looks good i have one but its in peaces. nice ps3 and xbox displays

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