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Our NEW Sparkbooth Open Air Photo Booth

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7 thoughts on “Our NEW Sparkbooth Open Air Photo Booth

  1. Where did you find a power adapter for the camera?

  2. What do you use for the box? Custom Made or a pre made product?

  3. Hi, would like to know how the photo booth is mounted to a speaker stand? Making my own now and wondering what kind do u have and how it is mounted.

  4. do you have another video where how everything is connected and also how it runs with the software?

  5. John,
    How does the DSLR autofocus works?
    Does it work with the IPad as well as the touch screen laptop?

  6. What are the measurements of your photo booth.

  7. john, i have also a question, where is the screen of your laptop? i cannot see it at all. thank you

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