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otto mobil – Mobile, portable container bar – kiosk.

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9 thoughts on “otto mobil – Mobile, portable container bar – kiosk.

  1. ma chi lo produce ?

  2. muito bommmm…

  3. do you have other design to be for small restaurants just for Grills on coal with soft drinks only

  4. Hi Balazs. Do you have an email where to writte you? Would love one of those!!!

  5. bonito dinâmico e aproveita bem os espaços.

  6. interesting design, but your website has no information whatsoever of this product nor its prices nor pictures of it nor anything about it….. if I bought it directly from your facility in Budapest, how much would it cost in Euros???

  7. Love this can it be shipped to the US? 

  8. from ?????

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