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Original Xbox Kiosk/ Store Display Video Game Pickups

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8 thoughts on “Original Xbox Kiosk/ Store Display Video Game Pickups

  1. Does the console have any special markings that would identify it as a kiosk console?

  2. can i put a 360xbox in there

  3. what size is the tv

  4. The reason the back is covered up is because they were using a Sony Trinitron CRT.

  5. SWEET pickup man!!!!!!!!!!!  awesome display for your room!!  And anytime man hope a bunch of people come over and sub to your channel!!

  6. wow awesome , i would put try to put in an hd monitor in there with some component cables , some xbox games support 720p and 1080i and usually looks better than the crt

  7. Awesome find mate . 🙂 . You should put a modded xbox in it and play emulators for nintendo etc .

  8. really great find. like the way the green lights on the kiosk look. when you showed the back of the kiosk there was a hot line to get help, if something on it breaks down. but was funny is that it said it was not a consumer phone number. so your out of luck if something breaks. lol. just kidding. I'm sure that phone number has been disconnected for quite a while. also hope it wasn't stolen as you also showed property of some company on the back of the kiosk. lol. great video enjoyed watching the video.

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